Understanding aged care

There are many places to access information about the various elements of aged care. While your doctor is a good place to start, we’ve collected together some other organisations that can help. Of course, here at Hillside we would be happy to answer any questions you may have too.

My Aged Care

My Aged Care is a government-run website that’s full of useful information on government-funded aged care homes and community care and associated cost structures. They can also help you estimate the fees and charges you’ll pay.
Visit My Aged Care or call 1800 200 422

Aged care assessments

The government funds many organisations to provide subsidised aged care. In order to access these services, your first step will be an assessment.
Find out about aged care assessments

Your legal rights

All service providers must meet certain standards to ensure that they deliver the best care to meet your needs.
Understand your legal rights

Aged care complaints

You can contact the Government’s Aged Care Complaints Commissioner to resolve any issues you have about aged care services.
Visit the aged care complaints website or call 1800 550 552 

Alzheimer’s Australia helpline

Alzheimer’s Australia provides advice and strategies for sufferers of dementia and their families.
Visit the Fight Dementia helpline

Department of Health

See how to contact the Department of Health in your state.
See Department of Health contact details


Centrelink works in partnership with client agencies, human services providers and community organisations to link people with the resources they need to help them through transitional periods in their life.
Visit Centrelink online or call them on 132 300

Department of Veteran Affairs

The DVA provide information on how to access the Commonwealth Government subsidised residential aged care and explains the special status of veterans.
Visit the DVA online or call 133 254

5 Steps to Entry into Residential Aged Care

Take a look at these 5 steps for more information on entering an aged care home.
Download 5 steps pdf

Advocacy services

Advocacy services promote your rights and can increase your involvement in decision-making processes affecting your life.
To contact an advocacy service call 1800 700 600

Aged & Community Services Australia

Representing church, charitable and community organisations that provide aged care accommodation and services.
Visit the Aged Care website

Leading Age Services Australia (LASA)

LASA promotes quality services, support and representation within the aged care industry.
Visit the LASA website for NSW or call 02 9212 6922

Palliative Care Australia

You can find more information about palliative care, including a number of useful brochures, at Palliative Care Australia.
Visit the Palliative Care Australia website or call 02 6232 4433

Palliative Care Council of New South Wales

Access information on palliative care from the peak body in NSW.

Visit the Palliative Care Council website or call 0403699491